Continuous Gravimetric Blenders

Our blending systems deliver a powerful performance to ensure a quality end product. The X-Series continuous gravimetric blender provides a precise homogenous blend of materials where the plastic process requires exact controls. It’s high resolution weighing system allows precise low-rate, additive feeding to minimize usage of costly materials. With unsurpassed blend accuracy and homogeneity, the X-Series has a wide range of configurations to meet the needs of any application.

XDC6 for powder components. To use for direct extrusion, compounding and various other applications. Throughputs from 200g/h per component up to 4t/h total throughput.

– Printable specifications (german)

– Printable specifications (english)

As an option, PROCESS CONTROL offers various tools for process data acquisition and communication software for the continuous gravimetric mixer.

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